Reaching the final of Masterchef 2007 was a rollercoaster of emotion, with huge highs and lows, but I loved every minute and learnt a huge amount. I owe a great deal to John and Gregg who had faith in my ability when I did not believe in myself. Since competing on the programme my life has changed considerably. I now write cookery columns for two magazines, give cookery demonstrations and am just working on my 13th cook book - unlucky number for some but not for me!!! I love all forms of country cooking, using seasonal and locally sourced produce. This blog is to enable me to share with you a few of my recipes and baking ideas. Enjoy Hannah xxxx

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It is -8C outside today. My poor chickens are very cold and their water is frozen. What did I decide to do in this weather - make icecream!!!!! I know, I am completely mad. It came about because during out holiday in Suffolk we had snickers ice cream and since we returned, Sacha has been asking me to try and recreate it for him or to make peanut sorbet for him (which I think would be yukky). With our lovely German friend Maren staying for the last few days, we decided to give it a try. There was a debate about whether the chocolate chips were a step too far (I liked them but Sacha thought they were too crunchy) so these are optional!

Chocolate Peanut Caramel Ice Cream

2 large eggs
150g caster sugar
2 heaped tbsp crunchy peanut butter
225g clotted cream
250ml double cream
200ml ready made custard
3 tbsp caramel sauce
100g chocolate chips (optional)

Whisk together the eggs, caster sugar and peanut butter until light and creamy. Add the creams and custard and whisk again gently so that you have a smooth mixture. Do not overwhip. Freeze in an ice cream machine according to manufacturers instructions. When the ice cream is almost frozen stir in the chocolate chips and fold in the caramel sauce in swirls. As this contains raw eggs it is not suitable for pregnant women or young children.

There you are - completely inappropriate given the weather, but we ate it all just the same sitting in front of the log fire!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful -love chocolate and peanuts but a wee bit cold for the moment !!!!! Susan xx

Beth said...

This sounds fantastic Hannah - who cares if its cold

Marie said...

I could eat ice cream any time of the year and that looks fantastic!

Rita said...

This sounds wonderful! I agree with Beth ... who cares if its cold!