Reaching the final of Masterchef 2007 was a rollercoaster of emotion, with huge highs and lows, but I loved every minute and learnt a huge amount. I owe a great deal to John and Gregg who had faith in my ability when I did not believe in myself. Since competing on the programme my life has changed considerably. I now write cookery columns for two magazines, give cookery demonstrations and am just working on my 13th cook book - unlucky number for some but not for me!!! I love all forms of country cooking, using seasonal and locally sourced produce. This blog is to enable me to share with you a few of my recipes and baking ideas. Enjoy Hannah xxxx

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

You would think, having made 150 cupcakes and fondant fancies on Sunday, I would not have been making any more for a while but yesterday we had a traumatic incident (well traumatic for Josh who is three!) Josh came to visit to show me his new fantastic all in one "I can jump and splash in puddles" outfit which he had put to good use on the way down to our cottage. I gave Joshua a pumpkin bucket to use to collect his sweets in on Halloween and also a Lemon Meringue Cupcake that was left over from the lunch which he put in his bucket and then splashed some more. There was then a very sad cry of "My cupcake is wet" - the rain was falling so heavily that about an inch of water had collected in the bottom. Alas this was the last cupcake and there was nothing for it but to promise another bunch of cupcakes to replace the soggy one to prevent any tears! So another 12 cupcakes were baked and I am beginning to wonder whether there is a record for the most number of cupcakes ever made in a domestic kitchen? Can a girl ever bake too many cupcakes I wonder?


Magic Cochin said...

I can picture it now - a van carrying your bulk order of paper cup cake cases has just arrived at your cottage!

I bought some cool black paper cake cases - perfect for halowe'en muffins - do you have a pumpkin muffin recipe?


Hannah said...

Hi Celia
I do indeed have a pumpkin muffin recipe and am going to post it next Tuesday in a link up with Greatbigvegchallenge as they are moving on to pumpkins!
The black cupcake cases sound perfect! You must have had a preminition as a van did just arrive at my cottage carrying baking goodies - no cupcake cases but a lovely new christmas bundt pan and some sugar gingerbreadmen cupcake decorations! What a lovely morning!
Hope you are well


vida said...

Hannah, 150 cupcakes, you are unreal, how many cupcakes pans do you own or do you just keep refilling 1 or 2 pans over and over? What a picture I have in my mind's eye of you surrounded by a sea of pink cupcakes (please don't burst my bubble and tell me there was more than one colour, I cannot handle it)... Did you take photos? Vida x

Rita said...

Oh Hannah, that is a LOT! Did you make them all in one go! Wow! Made the apple cake this afternoon - it was lovely - thank you. My guests really liked it!

Hannah said...

Thanks Rita and Vida
Yes I made them all in one go - two bun trays alternating in the oven for about two hours. I also made some sticky gingerbread, lavendershortbread and a chocolate cake! It was a busy day. Vida - some were pink, some were yellow with white chocolate chips and gold glitter, some were chocolate with fudge icing and dark chocolate drizzle and chocolate sprinkles and some were orange icing with blue sprinkles. They looked lovely although sadly I didn't take a picture as I had so little time to do it all in. The fondant fancies were the pretties though - pale green icing with a dark green leaf piped on top with yellow and white sugar flowers - they looked a picture!
Rita - Glad the apple cake worked - we finished ours off last night so it didn't last long!

Great Big Veg Challenge said...

You can NEVER ever have enough cupcakes. In the same way that you can never have enough bacon sandwiches with ketchup.

Marie said...

I don't think you can ever have too many cupcakes!!! Yours look lovely and pink! I am baking some myself this afternoon for a youth Halloween Party at my church tonite! I'm not sure which ones I am going to make het though, but they are sure to be decorated with some lovely fall leaf sprinkles I have just waiting in the cupboard!

Joanna said...

Hannah you are possibly the best aunt in the world ... what a star! Fabulous food, as always here, even though there are no bacon sandwiches and ketchup except in the comments ;)


MrsB said...

Your cupcakes look lovely, i love looking at your cakes they are always so creative, your an inspiration

Annemarie said...

Josh is very lucky - these cupcakes look wonderful. I hope he didn't eat all dozen himself. Halloween will be so disappointing when he doesn't get any treats to match these!