Reaching the final of Masterchef 2007 was a rollercoaster of emotion, with huge highs and lows, but I loved every minute and learnt a huge amount. I owe a great deal to John and Gregg who had faith in my ability when I did not believe in myself. Since competing on the programme my life has changed considerably. I now write cookery columns for two magazines, give cookery demonstrations and am just working on my 13th cook book - unlucky number for some but not for me!!! I love all forms of country cooking, using seasonal and locally sourced produce. This blog is to enable me to share with you a few of my recipes and baking ideas. Enjoy Hannah xxxx

Thursday, 26 March 2009

As you know, here in the UK, last Sunday was Mother's day. I had a special lunch planned for my Mum. Sadly when I woke up on Saturday I knew that something wasn't right - the house felt freezing - we had run out of oil so no heating and nothing to cook on! What a disarster! All my lovely plans went out of the window. Luckily we have a one ring camping stove and a BBQ so I have been cooking on these until yesterday when more oil was delivered. Actually, there were advantages to the camping stove - it meant that I could cook the ice cream bases in the lounge whilst watching TV!! On Mother's Day we therefore had our first BBQ of the year and even sat out in the garden. Sadly with no way of baking, I was forced to buy a cake (actually it was nice I have to admit - a Tesco's Finest Carrot Cake) but I managed to hide it under lots of decoration, flowers and tiny yellow birds and if I hadn't confessed, I don't suppose anyone would have known! Happy Mother's Day Mum xxx


Jules said...

We don't have gas in the village, but powercuts are a regular thing. The one thing I love about living in a village is that everyone comes together and during a powercut we can usually be found around someones gas BBQ making cups of tea.

Glad you managed to have a memorable Mother's Day meal, even if it wasn't what you had planned. I have a recipe for a BBQ cake but am yet to try it.

Helen said...

Do so love your recipes Hannah. Would be great to be able to access many of the items that are only available in England. Do miss my Home Country sometimes. I was born in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and emigrated at the age of 13, but still remember it well.
Just before Christmas my son's girlfriend left 2 bottles of chardonnay here, so I was able to try your delicious sorbet. I used less sugar and twice the citrus content and it was so moreish (and I'm not even a lover of chardonnay)LOL

Browners said...

Hi Hannah. Great to see you the other day. I've done a little write up of our afternoon tea on the Paunch.

See you soon. And I hope your Aga is better now.