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Thursday, 12 July 2007

A cup of tea is a British institution - it solves all manner of problems and I for one always feel better after having a freshly brewed cuppa!
At the moment, the tea of choice in our house is violet tea. It has a strong flowery perfume and I am hatching up plans of making violet tea sorbet and violet tea bread (soaking the raisins and sultanas in violet tea) when I next have a spare few minutes.
I also use tea as the base of my smoking liquor when smoking fish and duck.
We had the teas in the photo at my mums last weekend - they were her birthday present from my brother and were almost too pretty to use. The tea is in silk pyramid bags with a little leaf at the top! I'm not sure that the silk bag does much to improve the flavour but it certainly makes the tea drinking feel more decadent that usual!


Magic Cochin said...

That's really beautiful - did the covered cups and tea bag stands (sachets would be more apt for these) come as a set?

I think that the English "way of tea" can be as much a ritual as the Japanese tea ceremony. It's just different.


David Hall said...

Hannah - on MasterChef I recall making ENDLESS cups of tea for you :o)

Hopefully see you Sunday

David x

Marie said...

I don't really drink tea anymore, but when I did I used to love drinking this special tea put out by Bigelow's Tea in America, called Constant Comment. It was a blend of tea mixed with orange and spice and it was lovely. I still love the smell of it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

I totally agree about the tea, I can't live without it!

Do you know where the tea your brother bought came from?



Hannah said...

I have asked my brother to come and leave details of where the tea was from so hopefully he will post it soon!

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks Hannah. I think it'll be perfect for my friend's birthday later this month. She's also a bit of a tea obsessive!


Anonymous said...

sorry ginger - i can't remember the name of the shop i brought them in. I have asked hannah to ask mum to look at the tin - there will be a website on it.
G x

Anna said...

I love tea, but I'm always disappointed that there are very few kinds of decaf tea.

I never touch caffeine (I sleep badly enough already without that!) so I really feel like I'm missing out. It's only recently I've been able to find decaf Earl Grey.

Violet tea sounds wonderful though!