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Thursday, 28 June 2007

There are few things more quintessentially British than a beach hut and I have fond memories of childhood holidays at Wells next the Sea in Norfolk where we would huddle in our little beach hut and have cups of tea and toast marshmallows on a fire after playing on the beach. These colourful beach huts are from Southwold where we went for a holiday last autumn - so bright and colourful against the dark autumn sky.

I especially like the one with the children painted on the doors!

My love of beach huts comes from my mum and she has just built one at the bottom of her garden - no sea in sight but it is a lovely hideaway for a cup of tea or a glass of wine in the evening.


Squishy said...

We have these in Australia, only at one beach though. Bondi beach. They are extremely poplular and there are people just waiting for them to go up for sale. One last year sold for nearly a million dollars and the value was actually worth about $120000. They have become a very expensive comfort to have on Bondi. The photo of your mums one is so gorgeous. Interesting post chick.

Cheers Amelita

Erica said...

Aaaah they are sooo cute!!!
I wish we had them here in Holland. We do have some, but the ones nearto where I live are no-one like these ones. Gorgeous! Just perfect for a nice cup of tea and some left over Toblerone Tiramisu!

By the way: congratulations to your granny, who celebrated her birthday this weekend!

Great Big Veg Challenge said...

My friend did something similar in her garden and piped the sound of seagulls and waves into it!

beachhutman said...

Hannah, I picked up on your beach hut item. Please browse through http://www.msbnews.co.uk. the links to other beach hut sites (especially " England in Particular") and the "latest news" part.
I'm no good at cooking and regard photos of food as food fetishism but that is because I have never had better than plain cooking. No complaints, I'm just a luxury item food virgin.
But as to music in the latest news part you might encounter some revelations about music, especially the item "Shoooting Stars" and "A picture in my beach hut"
Please keep up with the "food porn" to educate the rest of us and bring us out of our caves er I mean huts eating tesco sandwiches and cream cakes... Ugh!


Hello From Canada! These huts are so lovely and fun. Do people rent them or own them?

Hannah said...

Hello Liberty Post Editor - so glad that you like the beach huts. People own and rent them. In a good location they are expensive to buy - there was one on the news the other day being sold for a record £80,000 - which is quite a lot for a shed!!! You can rent them too for a week or so when you go on holiday. They are such lovely places - perfect with a little stove so you can make a up of tea on the beach